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It is now becoming intolerable.  People are blaming Obama for everything.  Organic foodies are mad, republicans are mad, racists are mad, everyone and their moms are mad.  Why such anger in their madness for Obama?

I read last week that people are mad because they feel that they are loosing their white world to black  people and Latinos because they are now a majority.  That is ridiculous.  I do admit that the hispanic population is growing, but black folks have had the same population percentage for decades.

Second the author the I read said that people are not racists, but that they are angry at the unemployment rate, foreclosure and other problems with the country.  Well, that does not make much sense either,  Why are people trying to take away state jobs and unions.  That sounds like contributing to unemployment.  No one is that angry at the republicans for spearheading these initiatives.  when When our President wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy, which could have paid down our national debt, the same folks who are screaming that we owe trillions of dollars are the same folks who fought against it.  I thought everyone had to sit at the kitchen table to pay bills, not just the poor.

People may not consciously realize that most of their anger is contributed to racism.  They may feel they are being sensible.  I bet the folks who threw rocks and trash at the young african american kids as they attempted to integrate public schools, thought they were being sensible and preserving their country.  Just because our society does racist things and calls it something else, does not mean that racists acts are not occurring.

Basically if you spit in my eye and call it eyedrops, it does not change the fact that you just spit on me.

What can a common person do?

First, don’t let corporate interests dupe you into fighting on their behalf.  They are not fighting on your behalf.  They did not jump up and down and insist on paying higher taxes because our country is bankrupt.  They are still shipping jobs overseas, even after they received bailout money.  They still kicked people out of their homes illegally by foreclosing on them improperly.

Fight for your interest, not corporate interests.