Networking is a Contact Sport (via Marquise LLC’s Blog)

So many small business owners miss potential opportunities to make money, because they choose to be passive networkers.  They go to conferences and events and collect tons of business cards, but when they return home they place those cards in a drawer or folder and never use them again.  In my opinion, if you are not going to use the business cards you have two options – throw them away (why accumulate junk) or don't even bother collecting them i … Read More

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Is your network limiting your net worth? (via Marquise LLC’s Blog)

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is important that we stick together.  Mainly because we can all serve as a HUGE resource for one another. By sharing our experiences, failures, successes, and advice with one another we are creating an even stronger network and environment that supports and boosts entrepreneurship. Here is an important question, that you should answer honestly. As an entrepreneur, how many entrepreneurs do you have i … Read More

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Who in the World is Jolie du Pre? (via The AC Weekly)

Who in the World is Jolie du Pre? She holds the enviable position of full-time freelance writer and is also a published author with short stories in over 15 books. Jolie du Pre has taken the Arts & Entertainment category on Associated Content by Yahoo! by storm with the latest dish on celebrity gossip, "Dancing with the Stars" TV summaries and updates on music awards. But her writing talent isn't limited to Hollywood's latest and greatest. You might already have stumbled acro … Read More

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SKI STYLE:What is hot in ski resort fashion Spring/2011

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